Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dog racing: Is it cruel?

Among the central arguments made by the group opposing dog racing has been that greyhound racing is “cruel and inhumane,” even though, according to state animal-cruelty laws, it isn’t.

Massachusetts Voters Weigh Ban On Dog Racing
Voters in Massachusetts are considering a ban on greyhound racing that would shut down the state's two tracks. Supporters of the ban say the industry abuses dogs.

These are some of the comments:-

"While racing greyhounds incur a different daily routine than most people's pets, such doesn't mean they are being mistreated."

"Dog racing is a dying sport. Stop and think why it is ILLEGAL in 34 states."

"Animal Rights activists continue to distort the facts in a shameless appeal to people's emotion. The irony is that the Animal Rights folks are the heartless ones. Trainers care for their dogs and treat them well, while Animal Rights activists have nothing but utter contempt for their fellow human beings. The Animal Rights crowd is made up of arrogant, cold individuals (many of whom appear to be highly medicated). They profess to love dogs, which in and of itself is questionable."

What is your opinion?

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