Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guided Dogs

There is this guided dogs that guides a person with vision impairment. With the assistant of a guided dog the people with vision impairment is able to move about safetly and confidently. They serve as the eyes for their owner getting them through traffic, holes, sidewalks, stairs and avoiding danger and obstacles that could cause injuries.

These dogs are trained from pupies. Some are donated whereas some are from sheltered homes.

As a guided dog owner puts it "it make going places so much fun! Everywhere you go is an adventure." To most vision impaired person, they always dream of travelling independently.

To another guided dog owner "Guide Dogs are even more than dear pets. Guide Dogs are our ultimate partners. When you and your beloved dog rely on each other for nearly everything, your love is multiplied to epic proportions. Your life is different. Better. Freer. Getting around safely is only the beginning."

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